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Updated 10-04-03
Prices do not include shipping. Please send in order by email or snail mail or write for order packet. Information will also be posted to my tack group list from yahoo. To join, enter your email in the box below.  There are rumors that Carol is producing more cattle, so we will all wait with held breath!  I will announce as soon as I am able to get ahold of some.  The mules and horses are still available.   Some of the following pictures of the horses and dogs are copyrighted by Carol Herden except of the "other color" Banjo models and the cattle, and can only be used with her permission. The rest are taken by me, but please don't use them for any reason unless you ask.
Still need cattle? Don't dispair.
I am releasing a cow or two of my own. Click on these pictures for more photos and info
Running calf shown with Smarty Jones and New Andalusian for size and comparison.
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The SR limited run was of 30 steers in brindle. For 100% realism, buy the leather horn guards, used in Rodeos to prevent rope burn on the steers, see pic below! Two working buckles for easy on. $12.00 and can be in your choice of leather color. Email me for further details I am still making these.

Dogs and other animals

Standing Sheep ($31.00) $29.00
Walking Sheep ($31.00) $29.00 Sheep are NOT discontinued.

Resin Horses All horses are painted. A custom color is NO CHARGE as long as Carol is free to pick pattern etc. For example, you want a Bay Tobiano Paint. Not a problem as long as you don't specify the exact pattern. Portraits are available for a an additional $25.00 fee. Most of these horses are limited editions so don't miss out!!

Paladin, Tradtional Arabian stallion ($250.00) $225.00

Mammoth Jack, traditional ($195.00) $176.00

Draft Horse Mare, traditional ($275.00) $248.00

Sliding Stop Reining Horse, traditional ($350.00) $315.00

1/16 scale (Stablemate)Draft Horses ($45.00 ea) $41.00 harness and implement available separately

Banjo, Draft Mule.  Trad   ($200.00)$190.00

  Large Classic Quarter Horse    ($150.00) $140.00

  Large Classic Reining Horse    ($150.00) $140.00

Running Western Horse, Trad.  ($195.00) $176.00

 Smoken, running foal.  ($75.00) $70.00

Smoken's Mom, Running Mare, Pending, ($150.00) $140.00

To see pictures of Carol's horses that I have either sold or own!

Carol also has some great breed type bulls and cows along with a camel and an antelope.  These can be available on special request but I won't put all the details here.

 Sorry, I really can't accept trades on these. Occasionally I will if it is something I REALLY want. I have to buy them in cases (usually of 3 pieces or so) so I will be purchasing extras to fill the orders and I have to be able to pay Carol for them.
Shipping: At this point, shipping on horses Traditional size is $12.00 (resin is heavy), Shipping on Classics is $8.00 and shipping on calves is $5.00 for one, insurance included as I don't ship these uninsured! For multiple orders, figure +$2.00 each extra calf and +$5.00-10.00 each extra horse.
Thanks for your interest!

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